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Applying for MCCEF Mini-Grants

Mini Grant Information for Applications

The goals and purposes of the Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Educational Foundation (MCCEF) are to develop and implement educational programs for the students of the Lucerne Valley Unified School District that enhance the educational experience that would otherwise be unavailable to them, with an emphasis on the natural and applied sciences that foster ethical, social, and intellectual development, that nurture student’s capacities to think skillfully and critically, and that promote commitments to life-long education, creativity, personal responsibility and respect for others.

In addition to providing scholarships for Lucerne Valley High School Seniors, the MCCEF supports innovative programs at the classroom and / or site level. Teachers may apply for mini-grants of up to $500 individually, or up to $1,000 as a team to develop and implement programs which enrich the student experience. MCCEF minigrants should be used to benefit students in the school year received. Equipment purchased under this grant will remain the property of the school.

Any Lucerne Valley teacher(s) may apply. These grants should be for projects or programs that would be designed and implemented by students with faculty support.

Examples of acceptable MCCEF mini-grants include (but are not limited to):

  • Computer software or hardware
  • Science Equipment
  • Library Science Books
  • Science Studies
  • Classroom materials
  • Field Trips / Assemblies

The MCCEF mini-grant program committee encourages applicants to be creative!

The MCCEF mini-grants applications must be turned into the District Office no later than the first Monday of November for consideration for the spring semester and the first Monday of May for the fall semester.

The MCCEF mini-grant programs committee will review applications, evaluate them for compliance with the aforementioned criteria, benefits to students and clarity. Mini-grant awards will be announced the first Monday of December for the spring semester and the first Monday of June for the fall semester.

General instructions:

  • Complete “Mini Grant Application Form,” attached below, with all information including signatures of principal and teacher(s), and itemized Budget Request Explanation.
  • Include a Narrative of the proposal. Submit on white, 8 ½ by 11” paper with legible print or type.
  • Submit the completed mini-grant application package: Mini Grant Application Form, and Proposal Narrative to the Lucerne Valley Unified School District Office, Attn: District Superintendent.

Narrative Instructions:
Please address the following elements using no more than two single-spaced pages:

  1. Need: Briefly explain the need for your proposed project.
  2. Goal: State the desired outcome(s) of this project. How many students will be involved? How will this project positively impact these students?
  3. Methods: Describe the major activities students/teachers will engage in to accomplish your goals; explaining how this project builds upon or departs from existing curriculum and/or classroom practice.
  4. Evaluation: How will you know that you achieved the goals of the project? (i.e. How will you demonstrate that the project made a difference in your students lives?)
  5. Dissemination: How and will you share the successes/challenges of the project with others (including the MCCEF mini-grant program committee?
  6. Timeline: Please provide a timeline of all activities for your project.

Important Note: Teachers have only six months to use Mini-Grants.

For questions or clarification you may contact Mini-Grant Chairman Austin Marshall at
760 248-5174 or email